A passion for customer service leads to a new distributor deal!

The creation of various COVID-19 vaccines was welcome news for many around the globe. However, the process of producing the
vaccines and storing them can be dangerous.

Grant Robins, from Air Energy, has recently fitted Analox analyzers into COVID vaccine sites where nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are being used to preserve the formula.

Analox spoke to Grant about Air Energy and to get an insight into the process.

Can you tell us about yourself, Air Energy and the role you play within the organization?

I’m Grant Robins and I started with Air Energy in 2016 as a trainee Service Engineer. Recently I have progressed into Air Energy’s Sales Engineer where I get to utilize my knowledge of the equipment and mix it with my passion of helping my customers – that is where my association with Analox starts!

Air Energy is a compressed air and vacuum sales, installation and service specialist and we are based in Hertford. We are an authorised distributor for some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of lubricated screw, rotary vane, variable speed, piston and oil free compressors in addition to high quality downstream equipment, including filters, dryers, condensate management and heat recovery.

Air Energy

"We spoke to Matt Lambert on the phone, he offered me some great advice, and assistance on the products in question, and how to get the best out of them.”

Grant Robins, Air Energy

Can you tell us more about that association with Analox, how have you used our analyzers?

The customer and site in question had already utilized an Analox Ax60+ CO2 and O2 sensor system with their old compressor supplier. We had quoted them to complete their new building installation. Part of this quote was for a new compressor and pipework, but while on site we were informed that they couldn’t find anyone to install and supply the control panels.

Wanting to help, I offered our assistance, and quoted for all of the equipment and installation. The building (which was designed to be temporary) is still in full operation.

We spoke to Matt Lambert (Senior Accounts Manager at Analox) on the phone, he offered me some great advice, and assistance on the products in question, and how to get the best out of them. Matt then put me in contact with one of their distributors, Point Safety, who were able to assist with the purchase of the actual units.

The building is quite unique in being a vaccine storage centre, how did you find installation of the systems?

Installing the Ax60+ is incredibly easy, we opted for the quick connect option so that we can add/take away whenever the customer needs to move sites. The units come with easy to follow instructions, and if for any reason you can’t follow these, the support offered on the phone is exemplary. Analox continually, without fail, calls back when they say they will, and the person on the end of the phone genuinely knows what to offer to solve the issue.

If you want more information about our products or services and would like to speak to someone who genuinely knows how to solve your gas detection issues, then please give the team a call on 01642 711 400.

Find out more about the Analox Ax60+ carbon dioxide analyzer here.


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