Our Brand Identity Assets

We are proud to work with the best in the business ​and our goal is to build a lasting relationship with all of our partners​ ​based on mutual respect, ​trust​ and shared values. With this in mind, we grant you permission to use our logo and company details on your website and in your marketing materials and offer our assistance if you need any help in doing so.


The Analox Logo

The Analox logo has one main color – Pantone 626 CP Green. However, if the background used makes the logo hard to see, you can use 3 other colors (all are in the download links below); Black, White, and Pantone Cool Grey 11.

To download our logo in all formats with the correct colors, please click below.

Analox Logo 2022/23

To download specific formats please see the table.

Analox Colors

Analox Green
Pantone 626 CP
CMYK 80% 18% 56% 54%
RGB 0, 89, 76
Hex #00594C

Cool Gray
Pantone Cool Gray 11 CP
CMYK 76% 67% 53% 49%
RGB 52, 55, 65
Hex #343741


Get in contact

If you require any more help or information please contact the Marketing Team who will be happy to assist.

Email: marketing@analoxgroup.com
Phone: +44 (0) 1642 711 400

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