The Analox ACG+:

An Unmatched Measure of Security and Confidence 

In the highly precise world of Compressed Breathing Air, true professionals demand proven results, consistent reliability along with turnkey installation and maintenance. The Analox team recognizes this and has built the ACG+ to answer these challenges. 

A Proven Solution

Analox understands the unique demands of military vessels operating in diverse locations and situations. For more than 30 years, Analox has been working with military decision-makers representing more than two dozen nations. Analox products are currently protecting sailors aboard vessels representing the Royal Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy, Royal Netherlands Navy and United States Navy.  

The Analox Team of engineers and product development specialists created the ACG+ for work in multiple environments, addressing a variety of situations and applications. The ACG+ is the only compressed breathing air analyser currently in use that meets DEF-STAN 68-284 standards for measuring compressed breathing gases on military vessels. Additionally, the ACG+ also makes it easier for those same vessels to become compliant with EN12021, CGA, CSA and OSHA regulations.

A Reliable Tool

The ACG+ offers continuous monitoring of up to five different gas variables and simultaneous displays for testing and calibration purposes. This eliminates potential delays and downtimes while test results are sent out for analysis. The ACG+ has also made cumbersome colorimetric tubes obsolete by drastically reducing the potential for human error in gas analysis. The continuous monitoring also has virtually eliminated the need for time-consuming spot checks. 

The ACG+ simultaneously scans for O2, CO2, CO, VOCs and water vapor, making it one of the most versatile tools any vessel can utilize. The automatic data log and automatic safety shutoff features provides additional security and peace of mind for decision makers. 

A Cost Effective Solution

You can’t put a price on safety, reliability and peace of mind. The Analox development team created the ACG+ to combine multiple tasks simultaneously, reducing the need for multiple analyzer units, costly test tubes, and often, extended times in port for repairs. The ACG+ is available in either a fixed location model or convenient portable units. This adaptability provides designers, procurement officers and equipment specialists some options in closed quarter situations. 

A Tool Easy to Install and Maintain

The Analox team understands the complexities and challenges that accompany equipment installation. That is why our 24/7 technical support department was created. Instant solutions and technical support is always just a call or email away. 

While each ACG+ unit can monitor up to five gases simultaneously, each analytical system operating in the ACG+ is independent of the others. This means sensors can be replaced individually without needlessly causing downtime. 

An Easy Choice

The Analox ACG+ has been proven effective in military situations around the world. The unit’s continuous and specific monitoring capabilities make it an easy choice for key decision-makers.

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