In 1988, Analox officially stepped into the defense sector as our first sensor was accepted by the United States Navy. Now, almost 40 years on, Analox is a proud supplier of life saving gas detection systems to defense nations all over the globe.

Analox work closely with defense agencies and their prime contractors, delivering products that help keep troops safe and nations secure.

We are trusted globally because we make sure each product is designed with the utmost care. Our team of engineers work hard to ensure that all of our products are reliable, accurate, durable and ready for the most challenging environments.

Your proven partner through life, by design

Analox are proud to have been involved in many defense contracts over the years, some of which we are able to share with you through our Case Studies.

In 2018 Analox was awarded a contract to supply gas monitoring systems for the Blekinge-class (A26) of next-generation submarines. Click the link to read more.

In 2021 a few lucky members of the Analox team went onboard HMS Protector as she was getting ready for her next expedition. The team were able to see first hand how the ACG+ aided the crew that worked onboard.

Finally, Joint Services Sub Aqua Diving Centre case study shows in detail how the ACG was used in trials in a working environment, giving the research and development team real life data to help improve the system.

Analox has designed gas monitoring solutions for defense nations all over the world, including; UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, France and many more.

Analox analyzers are very important for our ships (rescue and underwater systems capabilities), you are a partner of valuable efforts.


Providing reliable information, allowing you to make trusted decisions

Analox gas monitors are used in various applications across the defense sector, ensuring military personnel are protected.

Our main areas of expertises are:

Submarine Atmosphere Monitoring 

Atmospheric monitoring onboard a submarine helps to ensure that the submariners air is safe to breathe when they are carrying out military operations. Designed for safety, Analox can provide a number of commercial off the shelf (COTS) products as well as creating modified systems to suit your needs – ultimately Analox designs, installs and maintains a system for defense contractors.

Submarine Escape and Rescue

For over 20 years Analox has worked with the Sub Escape and Rescue community to ensure we offer the best decision making tool in the event of a DISSUB situation.

Previous monitors, the EIR15P and the Sub MkIIP, have now been replaced by the new and improved Sub Mk3P. The Sub Mk3P is the only DISSUB monitor which meets NATO STANAG 1476:2014 standards (ANEP/MNEP-86).

Navy Diving

Analox gas monitors give Navy divers accurate and reliable information to enable trusted decisions to be made.

NATO coded and ANU listed, we supply a range of fixed and portable monitors with specialisms being in OEM manufacture and partial pressure sensors.

Breathing Air Monitoring

The Analox team designs products which deliver users continuous assurance as to the quality of their compressed breathing air. Instant, verifiable, recorded results assist users in adhering to standards and regulations such as DEF-STAN 68-284, EN12021, CGA, CSA and OSHA.


Fully self-sufficient in the operation and through life support of systems

Analox aims to work fully with our defense customers to ensure that they are self-sufficient in the operation and through life support of all our systems.

Committed to pushing the boundaries of keeping people safe, the entire Analox team is dedicated to offering a personalized service, ensuring the cradle to grave product-life-cycle is tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Enhance your capabilities

Analox Academy is an inhouse training facility which offers defense customers the ability to get hands-on training with a product expert.

From operator training to maintaining the system through preventative and corrective maintenance. The Analox Academy can tailor training packages to meet your specific requirements.

I always find Analox equipment easy to handle, reliable and aftersales from Analox is excellent.


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