Carbon dioxide (CO2) is widely used across the hospitality and beverage industry where it’s used to add the fizz into drinks that are served to customers – including beer 🍺, wine🍷and soft drinks and soda such as Cola

Carbon dioxide is also a natural by-product of many manufacturing processes in the drinks industry, such as fermentation which takes place in wineries. Wherever there is the risk of excess carbon dioxide, whether that’s in breweries, wineries or bars – CO2 needs careful monitoring, protecting both staff and customers from the risks that the gas poses – which includes illness, followed by death by CO2 toxicity (hypercapnia). 🍇


  1. In the rooms where the wine is fermenting, where carbon dioxide is a by-product
  2. Carbon dioxide needs to be measured in bottling areas – where CO2 is also used 🍾
  3. Barrel cellars will often require carbon dioxide monitoring

The importance of measuring carbon dioxide is heightened by the fact that the gas can not be seen, smelt or tasted by human senses – giving it the nickname of ‘the silent killer’. As CO2 is heavier than air, lethal pockets of the gas can also accumulate across the different rooms and areas of a winery – you will need to place greatest importance on measuring the gas in confined spaces, cellars, and around tanks – where a lethal amount of the gas can easily accumulate. 

At Analox, we design and manufacture a range of carbon dioxide alarms and detectors which have been designed for use in Wineries. IP rated, these monitors are available in both portable and fixed designs – helping keep your workforce and customers safe – wherever they are working.

All of these products have been designed to be easy to use, with configurable alarms – so you can meet the exact legislation for your local geographical area. 

As always if you have any questions about gas detection in your winery – please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your exact requirements. 


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