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Offline Marketing Manager & Marketing Lead for the Sub Mk3P NPI team 

Welcome back to part 2 of our People Focus - Sub Mk3P Project Team. 

Today we hear from Michelle Wilson, Analox Offline Marketing Manager & Marketing lead for the New Product Introduction team.

Michelle, can you give us a little bit of your background and what your job entails at Analox?

I have been working at Analox since November 1999. Initially I worked in sales and marketing and looked after the beverage and hospitality market. As Analox grew so did my job and eventually, I chose to focus purely on marketing. My role has continued to change over the last few years. Initially I was dedicated to military marketing campaigns but I now look after the Group’s offline activities - which includes the successful launch of all new products.

What areas of the Sub Mk3P project have you been involved in?

Marketing tends to be involved in new product projects right from the start. We create the initial feasibility report which investigates market and customer requirements, we also consider the future needs of the industry too. I spoke with a number of customers at various events such as SETT, and SAMAP 2019, where we discussed ideas and improvements to the Sub MkIIP. This guidance would help make the Sub Mk3P an exceptional product.

Other early marketing activities include packaging, label design and input into manuals to make them user friendly. As we come through to the launch phase it starts to get busier for the team as we're working on our launch plan. This includes presentations, training videos, press releases, social posts and website information. The whole of the marketing team has been hard at work getting this complete.  

What has been your highlight of the project?

It has to be working with the submarine community. They are such a positive and friendly bunch of people who are happy to share their views and opinions on this life saving analyzer.

Due to COVID the last time I saw them in person was at SAMAP 2019 which Analox hosted, but thanks to Google Meet and Team chats we’ve been able to talk virtually!

Analox Sub Mk3P DISSUB gas analyzer

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