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Lead Project Engineer
New product introduction team

Analox are proud to introduce you to the team behind the Sub Mk3P project. First up, we speak to Lewis Gorford who is the Lead Project Engineer.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your job entails at Analox?

I’m the Senior Electronics Engineer at Analox, managing a small team of an Electronics Engineer and an Electronics Technician.

As well as electronics design, test and manufacturing knowledge, I am also competent in functional safety and international product compliance.

I am an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) with the UK Engineering Council (via the IET) and recently applied for a chartership (CEng).

Before Analox I worked for a company that designed and manufactured water quality analysers for Utilities (water treatment plants).

Your job sounds really varied, how have you used that experience within the Sub Mk3P development?

I started working on the Sub Mk3P project in October 2018 where I had had two roles within the team;

  1. Being responsible for the electronics hardware design, circuit/PCB design and testing. 
  2. I was also the lead engineer responsible for the  architectural design, overall technical accountability, validation against the top level customer requirements and a technical point of contact for the project manager.

Wow, that’s a lot of input! What have your highlights been?

Mainly how resilient the team has been. COVID halted the project for a while, but after 6 months we continued to be fully operational. As with all new projects the team have come up against some challenges, from component shortages to testing failures - but each issue was investigated and I’m happy to say all of them have been resolved.

Over the years, I have managed to meet numerous Sub MkIIP customers (mainly at the Analox Open Day and on a visit to SETT.) Following their input and feedback I really believe the team have created a robust, fit for purpose monitor and I can’t wait to see them shipped out of the factory to those customers.

Analox Sub Mk3P DISSUB gas monitor

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