Do you work in the logistics sector and transport carbon dioxide? 
Are you a truck driver that delivers CO2 bottles? 
Do you want peace of mind that you are safe during the transportation process?

Do you work in the logistics sector and are involved with the transportation of vaccines that require constant freezing temperatures using dry ice? With an increase in the use of dry ice, comes a potential increased risk of exposure to CO2 leaks that could be fatal if not detected early enough. 

Analox offer the CO2BUDDY  and Aspida portable CO2 monitors that can simply be attached to your clothing and will alert you to dangerous levels of CO2 giving you the chance to act before it’s too late.

These lightweight monitors will stay on your person while you are transporting, delivering or installing CO2, giving you peace of mind that you are safe from dangerous levels of gas exposure. 

CO2 Dry Ice Transportation

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