At Analox, we stock a comprehensive portfolio of spares & accessories to accompany your gas detection units, both past and present.

If you would like to purchase any spares or accessories, simply click on the relevant product and find the part you need. From here you can then click through and purchase directly from our e-commerce site- Gas Detectors Direct, or please feel free to Get in touch  to discuss your requirements.

Analox provide spares & accessories for the following products:


ACG+ Spares & Accessories

The ACG+ simultaneously scans for O2, CO2, CO, VOCs and water vapor, making it one of your most versatile tools.


Aspida Spares & Accessories

The Aspida family (Aspida, Sub Aspida & ADM Aspida) can monitor both CO2 and O2 in a multitude of environments. All units benefit from a range of spare and accessories.

Ax60+ O2 CO2 Red Alarm

Ax60+ Spares & Accessories

The Ax60+ is a fixed, wall-mounted multi-gas monitor for detecting carbon dioxide (CO₂) with an option for monitoring oxygen (O₂) depletion and enrichment.

CO2 Buddy

CO2BUDDY Spares & Accessories

The CO2BUDDY by Analox is a portable, lightweight carbon dioxide monitor that can be carried round with you when moving around so you are always aware of the current level of CO2.

CO Clear

CO Clear Spares & Accessories

The Analox CO Clear is designed to detect the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in air or nitrox gas compressors. Get your spares here.

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