For more than two decades, Analox has been delivering reliable and effective environmental solutions for Maritime Surface vessels worldwide. An unparalleled combination of analytical expertise and application-specific knowledge has delivered a highly-recognized and respected line of products with the diversity to meet any challenge. 


From frigates to destroyers and patrol vessels to aircraft carriers, the Analox team of experts has developed a monitoring system specifically-designed to meet and exceed the demands of any military surface vessel. Whether you find yourself on the surface, under the water or even over it, know that Analox has a system ideally-suited for your needs.

Analox products are currently protecting sailors representing many countries aboard vessels of the Royal Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy, Royal Netherlands Navy and United States Navy.

Military officers and commanders aboard today’s naval vessels require precise, accessible and instant information, especially when it comes to life support issues and the operating environment. The top of class Analox ACG+ multi-gas compressed air analyzer continuously monitors up to five gases simultaneously

The Analox Team of engineers and product development specialists created the ACG+ for work in multiple environments, addressing a variety of situations and applications. The ACG+ is the only compressed breathing air analyzer currently in use that meets DEF-STAN 68-284 standards for measuring compressed breathing gases on military vessels. Additionally, using the ACG+ also assures those same vessels are compliant with EN12021, CGA, CSA and OSHA regulations.

Designed for ultimate flexibility, the ACG+ can be implemented in either a fixed location or used as a portable monitor. Not only does this intuitive tool monitor oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and water vapor, it does so in a continuous way for efficiency and convenience. 

The superior technology implemented by Analox products has virtually eliminated the need for cumbersome Colorimetric tube testing procedures that are susceptible to human error. Additionally, time consuming spot checks are no longer necessary.

Highly intuitive, the ACG+ continuously scans for contaminants and provides an instant audio and visual alarm when impurities are detected. An added feature is the automated system shutdown fail-safe should an alarm be triggered.

Analox provides an entire line of award-winning compressed breathing air products currently in service. Along with the ACG+, Analox has a number of single and multiple gas SDAs for specific applications, along with hand-held portable units ideal for SCUBA-related projects. 

The Analox SDA range of products includes nine different models providing reliable readouts of factors including oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), helium (He), The Depth and Temperature and Humidity monitor is designed specifically for decompression chambers, diving bells and diver gas delivery. Each of these tools are designed to deliver confidence and reliability in any setting or application. 

To provide additional safety for vessels with divers on board, the Analox O2EII Nitrox Analyzer is a portable, light-weight tool to help scuba divers measure the O2 content of their Nitrox diving mixtures. The hand-held unit can be used directly at the tank or through a BCD adaptor.

Every Analox system is designed in consultation with military procurement officers and equipment authorities representing multiple countries and standards. Should you have a specific requirement, application or standard, our team of design specialists is available to create a customized solution to your challenge. 

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