Air quality and purity assurance is the number one goal in the air separation unit (ASU) market.

Providing your customers with pure nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar) and oxygen (O2) is critical to their operation and your business and we have the perfect solution. 

Analox offers state of the art analyzers specifically designed to monitor the process gas from high purity percentages down to trace ppm levels. 

We only handpick the most precise sensors to ensure accuracy and quality control of these industrial gases, making them perfect for your customers in: food, medical, aerospace, manufacturing or welding applications.  

Install Analox and install confidence

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Nitrogen Solutions

Ensure your nitrogen (N2) is pure and your staff are safe:

Oxygen Solutions 

Guarantee your oxygen (O2) blend is free from impurities and also install safety monitors to protect your team and site from oxygen (O2) enrichment risks. 

Argon Solutions 

Analyze your argon (Ar) purity and protect your team from the dangers of inert gases. 

Fun Fact

ASU’s work on fractional distillation, a process pioneered by Carl Von Linde in 1899. It was first used in an industrial application in 1902.