Analox understands the critical importance of ensuring personnel are protected by appropriate and effective gas monitoring - especially in the diving market. 

We are dedicated to offering you a personalized service ensuring a cradle to grave product lifecycle tailored to suit your specific requirements

The Design and Engineering teams continue to work tirelessly to ensure we are able to offer innovative equipment that is optimized to suit the environment and designed to be supported effectively throughout the platform’s life.

We specialize in the following areas of diving safety: 

  • Saturation Diving
  • Scuba Diving
  • Commercial Diving
  • Military Diving
  • Police Diving
  • Air Diving
  • Trimix

Analox can assist you with compliance to the new dive regulations of IOGP 411 diving practices using the ACG+:

  • Diver breathing gas from LP compressor, or any diver breathing from HP storage while any HP compressor is filling that HP storage receptacle
  • Real-time analysis will be afforded to each diver’s gas supply including the standby diver
  • Real-time analysis will test for oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide
  • Real-time analysis will test for water vapor when risk assessment indicates the need
  • Display will be in dive control and should be fitted with audio visual warning

Take a look at the products below for more technical information.

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Oxygen Solutions

Breathing air is air that meets specified standards for contaminants. Pure oxygen (O2) is mainly used to speed the shallow decompression stops at the end of a military, commercial, or technical dive. Risk of acute oxygen (O2) toxicity increases rapidly at pressures greater than 6 metres sea water.

Analox offers a choice of wall mountable or portable solutions: 

Carbon Monoxide Solutions

Carbon monoxide (CO2) poisoning is a well recognized, but uncommon hazard of sport and inshore diving, which occurs either as a result of a faulty air compressor or from air contamination by the exhaust of nearby petrol engines.

Analox offers a choice of wall mountable or portable solutions:

Nitrox Solution

It is this higher percentage of oxygen (O2), and the proportionately lower percentage of nitrogen, that allows divers to lengthen no-decompression limits, shorten surface intervals and get an added safety buffer for decompression sickness in certain diving circumstances.

Analox offers a choice of portable solutions:

Hydrocarbons Solution

We are the only company in the world that has achieved how to monitor hydrocarbons in a hyperbaric environment.

Analox offers a the Hyper-Gas MKII as the solution:

Carbon Dioxide Solution

Trimix Solutions

Trimix is a breathing gas consisting of oxygen (O2), helium (He) and nitrogen (N) and is used in deep commercial diving, during the deep phase of dives carried out using technical diving techniques, and in advanced recreational diving. The mixture of helium (He) and oxygen (O2) with a 0% nitrogen (N) content is generally known as Heliox.

Analox offers the following Trimix solutions: 

Multi-Gas Solutions

If you are using multiple gases or are looking for an analyzer, look no further.

Fun Fact

Once you get below 10 metres depth, you can't see red or yellow!