Analox understands the importance of ensuring staff and customers are protected by appropriate and effective gas monitoring in the food and beverage market.

Working with the industry for 4 decades, Analox is dedicated to offering products designed specifically for the food and beverage marketplaces.

Carbon dioxide solutions 

Fermentation within the production of alcoholic drinks, storing and bottling of carbonated beverages as well as serving draft beverages all produce and use carbon dioxide (CO2). Within Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) it can also be used to help preserve food, freeze or chill it.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) cannot be detected by human senses and as little as 0.5% in the atmosphere can affect the human body. Protect yourself and your team by fitting a carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor.

Oxygen Solutions

If you use an inert gas, such as nitrogen (N2) in brewing, dispense applications to make a smooth beer or in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to preserve foods by chilling, freezing or pressurising packaging then you need an oxygen (O2) monitor. 

If a nitrogen (N2) leak occurs it can displace the oxygen (O2) in the air you breathe which can be fatal. Analox offers a choice of wall mount or portable solutions to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Multi Gas solution 

If you are using multiple gases within Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) or are looking for a dual gas analyzer in your brewery, look no further.

Fun Fact

In wine making, a different type of carbon dioxide is used – dry ice. Dry ice is condensed carbon dioxide and it is used to cool down bunches of grapes to prevent spontaneous fermentation. Dry ice is typically used because, compared to water, it doesn’t affect the sugar concentration of the grapes themselves.