Protecting our planet has never been more important. Globally, we must reduce our reliance on fossil fuels so we can lower the levels of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted and combat climate change, together.

There are many other energy options available such as: biomass, biogas, tidal energy, hydrogen (H), geothermal, wind and solar. 

As well as utilizing other energy sources we can also reduce the levels of GHG by embracing carbon capture and repurposing our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and finding innovative ways to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) from major global sources such as cows.

Did you know that belching bovines contribute 15% of global greenhouse emissions? 

Analox offer state of the art analyzers specifically designed to monitor the process gas for carbon reduction applications. 

As well as safety monitoring for those in areas where these gases can present a risk to life.   

We handpick the most precise sensors to ensure accuracy and quality control in these critical processes. We can also offer customization on some analyzers so we can meet your exact requirements.  

Analox also offers a range of safety monitors to protect the lives of the teams working in and around these gases. 

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Carbon Dioxide

Fun Fact

Biomass energy can be made from many different sources but basically it's generated from ‘waste’ products. Biomass can be made from: poultry litter, wood, manure, food scraps and even potatoes!