Science makes the world go round (well, technically it’s inertia but that's Physics anyway...)

Whether you are a Scientist, Lab Technician, Researcher or Student, your work is critical to the journey of discovery, innovation and advancement in sciences across the world.

How can we help? Analox gets gas, it’s in our DNA! We know that in laboratory environments there can be risks and rewards when using gases.

We’ve got you covered - we have developed a range of easy to use gas sensing solutions to keep you safe, and we’ve designed highly accurate gas analyzers for those measurement critical processes.

Analox are proud to announce that they have recently become members of the British Cryogenics Council.

Download our Lab Brochure to view the full range or take a look at the products below for more technical information.

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Oxygen Solutions

So, who needs an oxygen (O2) monitor? Anyone who is using, storing or measuring oxygen or an inert gas such as nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar), helium (He) or liquid nitrogen (LN2).

Analox offers a choice of wall mount or portable solutions. 

Carbon Dioxide Solutions 

If your application requires the use of carbon dioxide (CO2), R744 or Dry Ice then you need a carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor

Multi-Gas Solutions 

If you are using multiple gases or are looking for an analyzer, look no further.

OEM Sensors 

For when you want sensors for simple integration into your own analysis system or lab equipment. 

Fun Fact

Albert Einstein first became fascinated with science aged 5 when his father showed him a compass. Einstein was mesmerized. What force exerted itself on the needle to make it point in a single direction? This question stayed with Einstein for many years and his love for science grew from there.