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Analox have picked the We Remember Submariners charity to work with in 2024.


Analox are specialists in two distinct areas of the submarine atmosphere challenge.

We provide top class atmosphere monitoring systems, ranging from single gas atmosphere monitoring with the COSAMS unit (carbon monoxide atmosphere monitor system), to multi gas atmosphere monitoring with the AA (centralized Atmosphere Analyzer) and the DAMS (Distributed Atmosphere Monitoring System). Not forgetting the importance of a portable atmosphere monitor, the Sub Aspida, which provides portable carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) monitoring around the submarine.

We also support the submarine escape and rescue process with our top of the range dissub monitor – the Sub Mk3P, and with our fixed atmosphere monitoring system for submarine rescue vehicles (SRV’s) – the Sub MkIIIF.

We are proud to have been working in these areas for over 2 decades. Dedicated to working with the world’s submarine nations, learning and understanding the complex needs of your atmosphere monitoring requirements. Whether a boat is nuclear-powered or diesel propelled, we fine tune our systems to be responsive to the changes in temperature, pressure and humidity that occur inside your submarine.

The solutions to atmosphere monitoring and dissub support that Analox provides are second to none, and we aim to be the number one choice for submarine nations across the globe, ensuring the safety of every submariner is our number one priority.

‘Speaking to people in Analox you sense the passion and pride and where you have a proud workforce you have a good company. Analox have a good name in the submarine community - good service, reliable products and easy to work with.’


Submarine Atmosphere Monitoring

Having worked in partnership with Navies from around the world, Analox has an extensive knowledge of providing submarine atmosphere monitoring systems.

Submarine build times range from 5-10 years and they have an even longer lifecycle, with boats being in active service for over 30 years. The submarine atmosphere monitors that Analox build need to work just as effectively from when they were commissioned, to when the boat comes in from its final voyage. Analox ensures that the submarine that leaves the shipyard is the best in class in atmosphere monitoring until the day it comes home.

Analox’s brilliant engineering and manufacturing team design and make atmosphere monitors that offer modular configurations and bespoke systems. We design these systems to have a flexible architecture that meets all technical requirements from the boat manufacturer.

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Why should you use a specialist CO monitor like the COSAMS?

Off-the-shelf carbon monoxide detectors use standard electrochemical sensors that are extremely cross-sensitive to hydrogen. This means that they are not suitable for use on submarines as they will give out false CO readings. Using infra-red measuring techniques, instead of electrochemical sensors, Analox engineers managed to solve this problem, ensuring the safety of all submariners onboard.

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We appreciate Analox’s ability and willingness to respond to our requirements. The service Analox provides is commendable.’


Sub Escape and Rescue

Analox is very proud to have worked with the Submarine Escape and Rescue community for over 20 years. We have built a reputation on providing solid gas analyzers in DISSUB situations which deliver reliable information allowing for trusted decisions to be made.

We regularly work with submarine nations from around the globe to understand what their specific requirements are to ensure we not only meet them, we exceed them!

Analox DISSUB products are used in annual submarine escape and rescue exercises, where submarine nations come together to test their DISSUB capabilities. Analox analyzers are fitted to the SRV’s and chambers completing these exercises and some can be seen in these NSRS Forces News videos:

ship sailing in the ocean

Always by your side

Analox takes pride in the design, manufacture and service support of our submarine product range.

Should you need support at any time of the day, in any location around the world, we are ALWAYS available.

If you have a product emergency, we have a dedicated helpline providing 24/7 support. One of our specialist team members will be able to take your call, no matter where you are or what time it is.

We also offer training for all of our products, making sure that you have full confidence in the full life of your Analox product.

For more information on our submarine monitoring capabilities please contact the defence team on:

+44 (0)1642 711 400

Analox’s Defence Capabilities


MSubs continue to work with Analox as we get what we want, when we wants it and Analox are always there to support us.



Multi Gas Solutions

For over 20 years Analox has worked with the submarine community on sub escape and rescue and submarine atmosphere monitors. We are proud of our range of multi-gas monitors which have been developed with a cradle to grave philosophy.

A configurable modular atmosphere monitoring system for submarines and surface ships.

The SUB NOx portable is suitable for post fire monitoring onboard a submarine.

A fixed monitor capable of measuring up to 30 gases using SIL oxygen (O2), mass spectrometer and FTIR spectrometer gas sensing modules.

A fixed Distributed Atmosphere, capable of monitoring gas levels via a modular system architecture.

A fixed hyperbaric or hypobaric atmosphere monitor, detecting carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), pressure, temperature and humidity.

The new portable DISSUB monitor continuously monitors partial pressure O2 & CO2 plus pressure and temperature in the escape compartment, you are now able to maintain the unit in the dockyard too.

A compact portable analyzer used as a backup monitor on board submarines and at altitude. The unit can simultaneously sense both oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), whilst providing pressure corrected readings for both.

Carbon Monoxide Solutions

Carbon monoxide (CO) is difficult to detect using standard industrial sensors due to the cross-sensitivity to hydrogen (H). Analox provides solutions specific for the submarine market.

A fixed continuous real-time monitor of carbon monoxide (CO).

Oxygen Solutions

Oxygen (O2) is a critical gas but too much oxygen (O2) can cause potential fire hazards and too little can cause breathing difficulties. Analox offers various oxygen (O2) analyzers to assist you in ensuring your submariners are safe in their post.

A compact portable analyzer used as a backup monitor on board submarines and at altitude. The unit can simultaneously sense both oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), whilst providing pressure corrected readings for both.

Carbon Dioxide Solutions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is toxic, add in the complexity of a submarine environment and it becomes life-critical. Analox offers a range of analyzers suitable to warn on rising carbon dioxide (CO2) lev

A compact portable analyzer used as a backup monitor on board submarines and at altitude. The unit can simultaneously sense both oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), whilst providing pressure corrected readings for both.

Obsolete Products

Products in this section are now obsolete. Click on the unit/s to find the replacement:

A portable DISSUB monitor ensuring you meet NATO STANAG 1476:2014 (ANEP/MNEP-86). Offering oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, depth and time readings in a robust case.


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