Analox can only achieve the best by employing the best. The Analox team is what makes us a truly customer centric organization and we are proud of every single one of our unique employees. 

Each one offers a plethora of skills for their individual role, all with one common purpose - to put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Interesting fact - 

  • The total number of years in service form the whole team add up to 606!

Want to meet some of these exceptional people? Read more about them and their talents.

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Senior Leadership Team

Emma - Group Managing Director

Emma started at Analox in 2006. Initially working in the manufacturing team, then spent some time covering maternity leave in Sales before finally settling into the Operations team. During this time, Emma expanded her skills in operations management and achieved an MSc. Emma quickly progressed to being Head of Operations in 2012, then Operations Director in 2014, before taking her place as Group Managing Director in 2019.

What makes Emma proud to head up the Analox team?

‘It’s the fantastic people and the diversity of the customers we are fortunate to work with.’ 

Mark - Group Director

Starting his Analox career in 2006, Mark joined as Managing Director overseeing the development of a cohesive business strategy. In 2019 Mark became Group Director acting as a consultant to the Senior Leaders.

How does Mark think Analox has changed since his first day back in 2006? 

‘Analox has changed a lot. We are now in a single building, we used to be in 4!  We have twice as many employees as we did in 2006. The team has changed a lot as people have come and gone over the years, but the Analox team has remained great. Hopefully we have created a more customer focused, professional organisation as we have grown.’

Paul - Technical Director

Paul Joined Analox in 2002, working within the Design team, developing a vast knowledge of our products and customers application needs.  Paul has progressed through various jobs from Design Engineer, through R&D Manager, Director of Projects and Director of Products.  He currently leads the Technical Direction for the Analox Group.

Favourite part of the job?

'I'm proud of the exceptional team we have developed here to solve our customers problems.'

Becca - Group Business Development Manager

In 2012 Becca joined the sales team focussing her efforts on setting up new distribution channels and growing our export business across Asia Pacific and Europe. With a keen interest in acquisitions, Becca then progressed into heading up Business Development for a new Analox brand ‘Genius Gas Innovations’. After successfully launching the company, Becca has since incorporated Genius along with other Analox brands helping to create the Analox Group and now heads up the Groups Business Development and Marketing team as well as being part of the Senior Leadership Team. 

So what is Becca’s favorite thing about her new role?

‘The thing I have always loved about Analox is the diversity of our business. One day I'm researching the effects of cow burps on the environment, the next I'm presenting our technology to big names in the Space industry. The best thing though has to be the team, Analox is like a family, we all work hard, we support each other and we have fun doing it. We achieve our goals together.’

Vicky - MD Military Division

Vicky joined Analox in 2000 and her role has progressed to ultimately lead the military team as Managing Director of Analox Military Systems. Vicky has developed the military division of Analox and created unique relationships with representatives of militaries around the world.

What has been your proudest moment at Analox?

'For me it has to be working with our customers - we are lucky to be able to work on the most interesting projects with the most incredible group of customers on the planet, and see their challenges resolved.'


Patti's initial introduction to Analox was working as a contractor in 2004 to evaluate opportunities for Analox in the Americas. She officially joined the team in 2005 as Vice President, Sales, establishing our US Commercial Sales and Operations division serving North, Central and South America. Since then, Patti expanded her skills in sales and operations management before taking her place as President in 2018.


‘Making a positive impact in the lives of those I lead as well as in the lives of those our products protect’.

Ian - Finance Director

In his 28th year with the company, Ian is by no means the longest serving Analox employee but he has seen a lot of changes since joining as Finance Manager and becoming Financial Director in 2000

Why Analox?

'Before joining the company, my career was the usual pattern for a finance person of 3 year stints and then moving on to move up. I came to Analox and just sort of stayed. It has become a cliche that you can read in any company report that a company is its people but at Analox it really is true. I feel privileged to have been a part of the Analox team for so long.'

Craig - Head of Operations

Craig started with Analox in 1998. Initially working in the Manufacturing & Test team, he soon rose to Supervisor level, then trained to become Analox's first full time Quality Manager in 2009. Craig added Health & Safety and Environmental management to his responsibilities, and as the role (and business) grew, he soon became Business Improvement Manager. In 2020 Craig returned to the team he started in, to become Head of Operations and leads the largest team within our business.

What is your favourite thing about Analox?

'Our products are fantastic obviously, but it's the commitment to our people and our customers (internal and external) that inspires me. We have a history of investing in and developing our people, plus a real drive to consider the customer in everything we do and that's how it should be.'


Michelle - Group Offline Marketing Manager

After starting at Analox in 1999, Michelle originally worked in the sales team, selling the Analox 5 and the Mini O2DII, she joined the marketing team where she became CIM qualified. 

Why does she enjoy working for Analox? 

‘It has to be the variation of work, every day is different and after 20 years it's still different.’

Leisl - Creative Brand Manager

Leisl joined Analox in 2019 and instantly added her own unique style to the Analox Brand. Leisl has been busy since her start date, working on a new set of brand guidelines along with influencing the design of the new company website and being involved in new product launches.

So what is Leisl's favorite project so far?

‘It has to be revitalizing the Analox brand guidelines. Building a visual identity for Analox, a company who caters for so many diverse and interesting markets was a challenge, but it was also extremely rewarding. I’m very lucky to have a great team around me, who gave me the support and confidence to create something that I can be truly proud of. I’m excited to see how Analox and the guidelines evolve in the future!'

Bob - Group Digital Marketing Manager

Bob is a newcomer to the team but brings years of digital experience with him. Thrown in at the deep end of having to launch two new websites within a few months of joining, he wouldn't have it any other way!

Favourite part of Analox so far?

'The industries that we supply our products to. There aren't many companies that can say they have their products in outer space, under the sea, in the military AND in many of your everyday pubs and restaurants! Also my team isn't too bad either! ;)'

David Booth - Technical Sales Manager

David joined Analox in 2019, bringing years of expertise in gas analysis and detection across a wide range of industries Supporting the sales team on special and sometimes unique applications of Analox sensors and gas analysers, David truly loves what he does every day.

Best Project so far at Analox? 

Starting and completing the sale of special oxygen analysers for the nuclear power industry.

Customer Support

Devon - Technical Products Manager

First joined Analox as a Customer Support Technician in 2014 straight after leaving the British Armed Forces. In his tenure Devon has risen through the ranks with time in production and operations -managing our special projects and aftersales departments- before most recently taking up the product management role.
'Working at a technology driven company where ideas develop into ground breaking products which we manufacture in our factory and send all over the world to keep people safe makes me feel like I am part of something extraordinary.'

Ryan - Technical Customer Support Technician

Ryan joined Analox in 2019 after studying Aerospace Engineering at University. Ryan is responsible for our technical customer support and product training. 

'The work is challenging and enjoyable, there's never a dull day. Everybody here truly cares and it's a very positive working environment. I've heard it said on multiple occasions that Analox is like a family, and that definitely rings true.'


Catherine - Sales Admin and Support 

Catherine joined Analox in February 2020 (when life was still normal). Initially working for the Commercial division covering maternity leave she moved to the Military department when her temporary contract ended. 

What other job at Analox would Catherine like to do?

'I would like to either swap jobs with the Design Team (starting at the drawing board with our units), or with Vicky Pigg and gain an insight into how a director's day goes.'


Kerry - Contracts Manager

Kerry joined the Sales team in 2008 after completing a law degree. Kerry has seen many changes in Analox including the creation of the military division. Most of Kerry's work focuses around negotiating and ensuring compliant delivery of military contracts, however, variety is added in the form of export controls and acting as legal counsel for the Analox Group.

‘My favourite part about working at Analox is actually hard to say, the team spirit and support from the team and senior managers is excellent - everyone cares about you both professionally and personally. But I also like the variation of the job - I never thought I'd want to work in commercial law but I love it. Finally, my job has purpose - what Analox does is protecting people and that gives me a sense of pride - corny but true.'

Commercial Sales UK

Matt – Senior Account Manager

Matt has been with us for 9 years and is still going strong. His main focuses are on the world of commercial diving and the beverage & hospitality industries. Matt truly loves what he does and has a wealth of experience to help carry Analox into the future.

Main passion?

'People - I love to work with people and build relationships.'

Commercial Sales US

Georgia – Sales Executive

Coming on board with the company in 2010, Georgia began selling the original green and yellow O2EII’s to distributors in the U.S and the Americas, and she continues to believe in the integrity of the Analox products to date. 

Why does she enjoy working for Analox?

'Not only does my job cater to a specific niche, but it’s also extremely rewarding because as part of the Analox family, we make a difference in helping save lives every single day.'


Joining Analox in 2018, Scott's focus is Food, Beverage and Hospitality. He supports the Analox network of Distributors in North, Central and South America. 


Analox products have a very high level of product reliability that aligns with keeping the end users safe.


Julie - HR Manager

In her time at Analox, Julie has progressed from Office Junior to HR Manager as she has a passion for people, an enjoyment for the variety of HR work and loves seeing how the team progresses in their roles. She continues her journey as a HR professional and explores different ways that Analox can make a difference to their staff.

What was her first day like at Analox?

'I started my role as Office Junior at the age of 18 and was unable to drive. On my first day it snowed very heavily and I had to wait over 2.5 hours to get a bus home!'