If you need a simple and reliable gas safety monitor - look no further.

You can install the A50 in minutes, providing protection for your team and customers for years.

If you are based in the USA or Canada we recommend you choose the Ax60+

Product Overview

This wall mount safety device monitors the ambient levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and will alert you to elevated levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) with audible and visual alarms. 

The main sensor unit is installed into the area to be monitored and the remote alarm repeater is placed at the entrance to let you know if it is safe to enter

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The A50 includes: 

  • Main unit which houses the carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor 
  • 1 x Remote alarm repeater
  • Audible & Visual alarms 
  • Quick connect or hard wired installation options 
  • 5 year electronics warranty 
  • 5 year sensor warranty 

Optional extras include:

  • Additional remote repeaters for multiple entrances 
  • Splash guard to help prevent water ingress 

The A50 safety monitor is used in applications such as: 

  • Restaurants & Fast food establishments 
  • Pubs & Bars 
  • Breweries & Wineries 
  • Greenhouses & Agriculture 
  • Labs 
  • Medical 
  • Fire Suppression 
  • Schools & Academic facilities 
  • Green Energy 
  • Gas Manufacturing & Blending 
  • Confined spaces 

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

The Analox team is here to answer any questions you might have about the product or carbon dioxide (CO2) gas safety. 

We also have a 24/7/365 emergency support helpline available to all customers. 

Analox, always by your side.

We are committed to helping you achieve your local and application specific legislation. 

The A50 is configured to meet European legislation such as EH40.  

  • Flow adaptor
  • Splash guard