In 2000, IMCA released a reference document D 023 ‘Design for Surface Orientated (Air) Diving Systems’. Within the document there was a recommendation for an oxygen (O2) monitor.

In response to the requirement Analox designed the ADM Aspida. 

Product Overview

The ADM Aspida is part of the Aspida family. Manufactured in a small and rugged portable case, it is a cost effective oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor. Operator maintained ensures minimal downtime and reduced running & maintenance costs.

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  • IP65 rated, ensuring the unit is dust tight and protected against water
  • The unit can be used to analyze the air quality from a portable decompression chamber
  • ADM Aspida can be a dual monitor by adding a carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor to the monitor
  • The ADM Aspida is supplied with datalogging function as standard, assisting you in keeping records
  • Optional faceplate to make it panel mounted

The ADM Aspida is used within diving applications including:

  • As a chamber panel monitor
  • In dive-control systems

Oxygen (O2)
Carbon dioxide (CO2) as an optional extra

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IMCA's DO23 - "Design for Surface Orientated (Air) Diving Systems" reference document in 2000.

For more information and to purchase a copy of the document visit: IMCA