As a technical diver your equipment needs to push the boundaries too. The ATA Pro is an ideal all in one trimix analyzer allowing you to safely plan for your dive.

Product Overview

The ATA Pro is a compact trimix analyzer offering oxygen (O2), helium (He) and balance gas readings in one box. 

Users have the ability to zero and span the helium sensor as well as oxygen (O2) compensation allowing for a more accurate helium reading. 

The ATA Pro can be easily carried wherever you dive in the world. Analox, making scuba analyzers affordable for all.

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  • Helium (He), oxygen (O2) and balance gas readings all housed in a compact peli case. (hxwxd) 5.1”/130mm x 7.3” / 195mm x 2.5”/62mm
  • Users have the ability to zero and span the helium sensor over its life.
  • Helium (He) sensors are oxygen (O2) compensated allowing for a more accurate reading.
  • Scuba diving
  • Commercial diving
  • Military diving

Oxygen (O2)
Helium (He)

Replacement sensors are available directly from Analox or through our network of distributors.

We also have a 24/7/365 emergency support helpline available to all customers. 

Analox, always by your side

  • Replacement Tubing
  • Flow Adaptors
  • Spare Dome Adaptor
  • Replacement Helium (He) Sensor
  • Replacement Oxygen (O2) Sensor
  • Peli Box