If you need a simple, ready to install and cost-effective gas safety monitor - we’ve got you covered. 

The Ax60+ is easy to install and already programmed for your local regulations. 

Product Overview

This wall mount unit has a central display and the available sensors are carbon dioxide (CO2) only, oxygen (O2) only or a combination of both gases. The modular design also enables you to select from 1-4 sensors, making it flexible to suit your site. 

It is multi-point, multi-gas and very low maintenance.

System alarm setpoints are either: 

USA regulations (OSHA, NBIC, NFPA and IFC) :

TWA - 5000ppm (0.5%)
AL1 - 5000ppm (0.5%)
AL2 - 15000ppm (1.5%)
AL3 - 30000ppm (3%)

European/International regulations (EH40):

TWA -5000ppm (0.5%)
AL1 - 15000ppm (1.5%)
CO2 - 30000ppm (3%)

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We originally requested Analox products as we were aware of the brand and quality of their manufacturing.

Darren Read, Health and Safety Manager for Mitchells & Butlers


The support offered on the phone is exemplary. Analox continually, without fail, call back when they say they will, and the person on the end of the phone genuinely knows what to offer to solve the issue.

Grant Robins of Air Energy Ltd

The Ax60+ includes: 

  • Central unit with a hi-res digital display 
  • Choice of 1-4 sensors 
  • Choose the number of alarm units (up to 4 per sensor, system maximum 8 alarm units)
  • Choose any combinations of gases - Carbon dioxide (CO2) or oxygen (O2)
  • 2 In-built relays
  • Audible & Visual alarms 
  • Time weighted average (TWA) alarm 
  • Quick connect or hard wired installation options 
  • 5 year electronics warranty 
  • 5 year carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor warranty 
  • Graded 5 year oxygen (O2) sensor warranty 

Optional extras include:

  • MODBUS RTU & 4-20mA via the DOM (Data Output Module) 
  • External beacon 
  • Gas shut off valve

The Ax60+ safety monitor is used in applications such as: 

  • Restaurants & Fast food establishments 
  • Pubs & Bars 
  • Breweries & Wineries 
  • Greenhouses & Agriculture 
  • Labs 
  • Medical 
  • Fire Suppression 
  • Schools & Academic facilities 
  • Green Energy 
  • Gas Manufacturing & Blending

Choose from:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Dual system with CO2 & O2 

The carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor will protect your team and customers from the dangers of enriched carbon dioxide (CO2).

The oxygen (O2) sensor offers protection from oxygen (O2) deficiency in applications where inert gases such as Nitrogen (N2), Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) or Argon (Ar) are used or stored. It will also warn of elevated oxygen (O2) levels in applications that use enriched oxygen (O2).

Ax60+ FAQ's

The Analox team is here to help you choose the right configuration for your application. 

We can also offer training on:

  • Gas safety 
  • Installation 
  • Maintenance 

We also have a 24/7/365 emergency support helpline available to all customers. 

Analox, always by your side

We are committed to helping you achieve your local and application-specific legislation. 

We have various options for set-up to ensure compliance with either USA regulations such as OSHA and IFC and European legislation such as EH40 and DIN. 

The Ax60+ is also certified by UL. 

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

  • DOM (Data Output Module) for MODBUS RTU and 4-20mA outputs
  • Gas Shut off valve to connect to the relay 
  • Sensor protector kit to protect from knocks and water ingress