Carbon monoxide (CO) can be generated onboard a submarine from both routine and emergency operations such as cooking, incomplete combustion of diesel fuel and the use of chlorate candles. 

Consequently, it is vital for the safety of all submariners onboard to monitor the carbon monoxide (CO) levels in the atmosphere.

To do this, a carbon monoxide (CO) atmosphere monitor is required, but not all electrochemical carbon monoxide (CO) sensors are made equal. Most industrial carbon monoxide (CO) sensors that are targeted towards the submarine market are extremely cross sensitive to hydrogen (H).

Hydrogen (H) can be present on submarines due to the batteries that are used and can give a false reading of carbon monoxide (CO). 

So, how do you accurately monitor carbon monoxide (CO)?

By using uniquely designed Carbon Monoxide (CO) Submarine Atmosphere Monitoring System (COSAMS).

Product Overview

COSAMS (Carbon Monoxide Atmosphere Monitoring System)

A CO monitoring system using GFC (Gas Filter Correlation) technology to protect submariners from the dangers of CO. The use of GFC technology ensures there is no cross sensitivity to other gases or water vapour ensuring a true, real time reading.

The COSAMS assists submariners with managing the atmosphere more effectively and safely during operations.

The sensor used inside of the COSAMS is an infra-red sensor which uses a Gas Filter Correlation (GFC) technique, ensuring the system is not sensitive to hydrogen. The COSAMS will not provide ‘false positives’ or false alarms during operations.

Providing real-time information and alarms within the compartments where it is installed, the COSAMS can also provide a 4-20mA signal to a central Submarine Air Monitoring System or the Submarine Platform Management System.

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  • Uses a GFC infra-red sensing technique ensuring the system is not sensitive to hydrogen or water vapour
  • Built-in auto-zero function ensures sensor stability
  • Real-time monitoring ensures rapid response to carbon monoxide (CO) issues as they occur
  • 90 days data-logging allows records to be stored and used should they ever be needed
  • Easy to maintain allowing you to be more self-sufficient whilst minimising downtime
  • Designed specifically for the submarine environment so it is able to cope with the demands of the environment in terms of EMC, shock and temperature

The COSAMS is used in applications such as: 

  • Submarine Atmosphere Monitoring

Carbon monoxide (CO)

From understanding your specific requirements to arranging installation and maintenance schedules of the COSAMS unit, Analox are there to support you and your crew with the use of the COSAMS analyzer effectively and with minimal downtime to operations.

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