Today’s modern submarine fleets feature some of the most complex technology in the world. Whether the vessel is a nuclear powered attack submarine, a diesel-electric submarine or a special mission submarine or submersible, all require continuous, reliable atmosphere monitoring to ensure the safety of the submariners on board.

Already the premier gas monitoring and safety source for the submarine community worldwide, The Analox Group in 2019 launched the Distributed Atmosphere Monitoring System (DAMS), which has quickly become the standard by which all submarine atmospheric monitors are measured.

The Analox Team of engineers and highly-trained analytical specialists understand the challenges created by fluctuating atmospheric conditions onboard submarines, along with the various dangers different gases present. It is a unique challenge – how to effectively monitor multiple gases in multiple locations aboard a vessel more than 197 ft (60m long). This is what DAMS was created to do.

Easily the most versatile and customizable product in the entire Analox line, DAMS quite simply is a centralized hub that allows multiple analyzers and monitors located in multiple locations throughout a submarine to communicate with each other. With the integral communication to the ships platform management systems, should an alarm be triggered, the duty officer is ideally positioned and instantly informed to take appropriate corrective action without having to leave the Con, or central control room.


No matter a submarine’s size or what country’s flag it flies, it is a fact that no two submarines are the same. Every vessel has unique gas monitoring needs and requires an analytical tool with the versatility to be configured to each vessel’s individual requirements. Each state-of-art DAMS unit is flexible, robust and fully configurable and can monitor up to six different gases simultaneously from one centralized PLC (programmable logic controller) panel.

The modular design of the DAMS incorporates multiple testing technologies including GFC to monitor carbon monoxide (CO), electrochemical for depleted or enriched oxygen (O2), NDIR for carbon dioxide (CO2) and refrigerants (R134a) and Catalytic Bead technology to test for hydrogen (H2). Each DAMS monitor is ideally suited for conventionally powered diesel/electric powered submarines or air independent propulsion (AIP) designs.

Each DAMS unit is shock, pressure and temperature compensated and tested to withstand the demanding submarine environment. This highly versatile tool can be tailored to customer-specific requirements for EMC (electro-magnetic capability), durability, vibration and noise interference.

Having successfully passed rigorous sea trials and laboratory testing, DAMS units are currently deployed with multiple naval groups throughout the world. In response to highly precise military standards and requirements, DAMS is simple to customize and install. Each unit is user maintainable, and has delivered the proven accuracy and reliability demanded by the submarine community. The modular design of DAMS allows for upgrades and changes to the system as the vessel’s operational requirements change throughout the product’s operational life.

Each DAMS system can be calibrated by just one person and is extremely easy to maintain, reducing and often eliminating disruptions to normal operations. Analox also offers multi-gas sensors that can be calibrated simultaneously. A complete list of features for DAMS is available here.

One of the biggest challenges to achieving accurate gas measurement aboard a submarine is the rapid variation in pressure occurring in its unique underwater environment. The highly skilled Analox development team knows it is not sufficient to measure pressure centrally as local pressure variations can cause false readings and alarms. Standard industrial sensors just don’t cut it in this environment, so to ensure maximum sensor reliability, the Analox product design provides pressure compensation to each individual sensor.

Submariners have enough to worry about in their day to day operations. With DAMS on board, atmospheric monitoring is something that is confidently handled.

One of the biggest issues for accurate gas measurement onboard, is the rapid variation in pressure of the submarine environment. Analox knows it is not sufficient to measure pressure centrally as local pressure variations can cause false readings and alarms. Standard industrial sensors just don’t cut it in this environment, so to ensure maximum sensor reliability, Analox pressure compensates each individual sensor.

We understand you need a system which is simple to maintain with minimal disruption to your patrol. The DAMS can be calibrated by just one person and we also offer multi-gas sensors which can be calibrated simultaneously.

The DAMS uses a modular architecture to accommodate customisation to fulfil the gas detection needs of individual boats, features include:

  • Optional Submarine PMS (Platform Management System) integration
  • Customised user interface/HMI
  • Datalogging
  • Download port
  • Visual alarms with alarm location
  • Password protection
  • Choice of gas sensing modules: oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2) and refrigerants
  • Local visual alarms
  • Optional relays
  • Temperature compensated
  • User maintainable
  • Partial pressure sensing
  • MIL-STD-461F compliant

Submarine atmosphere monitoring
Pressurised environments monitoring

Oxygen (O2)
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Carbon monoxide (CO)
Hydrogen (H2)
Refrigerant (R134a)

Analox offers a full through life support package which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

We can also offer user/operator and servicing and maintenance training.

The Analox team operates a 24/7/365 emergency support helpline.

Analox, always by your side.

MIL-STD-461F compliant


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