Classification bodies and industry guidelines within the diving market require each hyperbaric chamber to have a means of providing independent oxygen (O2) monitoring in the event of the primary monitor failing. The HYP is a portable PPO2 monitor capable of helping you to achieve such guidelines.


The HYP is a rugged and compact portable partial pressure monitor. Simple to operate, the HYP accurately reads oxygen (O2) levels within the hyperbaric environment.

Due to the size and design, the HYP can easily be used inside the living chamber, hyperbaric lifeboat and diving bell.

  • Compact in size making it ideal for confined space use
  • Fitted with a reliable PPO2 sensor, proven and tested within the hyperbaric environment
  • Large LCD display making readings easy to view

The HYP is used in applications such as:

  • Commercial Diving
  • Hyperbaric chambers
  • Submarines

Oxygen (O2)

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