When you are the senior survivor in a DISSUB situation you are under immense pressure. Don't add gas monitoring to your stress level, use the Sub MkIIP.

Product Overview


A portable, lightweight, decision making tool for DISSUB situations. The SUBMKIIP monitors the partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide onboard enabling the senior survivor to make life saving decisions at the right time.

Designed specifically for use on a distressed submarine (DISSUB) the Sub MkIIP is a life saving, decision making tool. It is the only continuous gas monitor which meets the requirements of NATO STANAG  1476:2014 (ANEP/MNEP-86).

The Sub MkIIP provides critical information including the levels of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) to the senior survivor, on the state of the atmosphere inside the submarine. This information formulates a decision on whether to escape or wait for rescue.

Using Analox’s own hyperbaric sensing technology, the Sub MkIIP is in service with more than 20 international submarine operating nations. Analox confirms that each unit is subject to an extensive manufacturing and testing process ensuring accuracy and reliability every time.

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'I have been using Analox products since 2006. I worked a lot with the SUB MKllp in survivex exercises. The instrument was always reliable and values were as accurate as from CAMS. I always find Analox equipment easy to handle, reliable and aftersales from Analox is excellent'

Jos Bogaert - Retired RNN Submariner

'The Analox SUB MkIIP is an easy to use piece of equipment that gives you accurate information on air conditions during DISSUB. Every submariner is able to interpirate the readings'

Toon Marien - Royal Netherlands Navy

  • Easy to use, all the complex calculations occur in the box leaving you to simply turn the unit on and begin to monitor in a stressful DISSUB scenario
  • Uses pressure corrected hyperbaric sensors ensuring optimum reliability
  • Bright backlight display which can be seen in low/no light situations
  • Portable and lightweight allowing the Sub MkIIP to be used anywhere on a submarine
  • Temperature and drift compensated allowing for long periods between calibration

The Sub MKIIP is used in applications such as: 

  • Submarine rescue vehicles
  • Submarines

Oxygen (O2)
Carbon dioxide (CO2)

We offer comprehensive after sales care for the Sub MkIIP, contact the team to discuss this in more detail.

Any questions regarding US Navy units contact:
Navsup Weapon Systems Support Mech
5450 Carlisle Pike
PA 17050-2411

The Sub MkIIP is the only continuous gas monitor which meets the requirements of NATO STANAG  1476:2014 (ANEP/MNEP-86).

Sub MkIIP, SA1W75SR60N571 - 4220 99 383 2410

Sub MkIIP, SA1W75SR60N541C - 6630 99 811 2621

Sub MkIIP (US), SA1W75SR60N564 - 6630 01 532 7090

Sub MkIIP (Europe/Norway), SA1W75SR60N561 - 6665 99 496 6285

Power Pack, AS2 607, K102 6135 99 601 9197

Pressure tested D cells, 3557 4625, 6135 00 835 7210

  • Annual Calibration
  • SUB Five Year Overhaul
  • SUBRESETUP - Full re-setup