Allowing space rockets and aircraft to accurately measure temperature and humidity.



A unique, state of the art temperature and humidity sensor using laser trimmed thermoset capacitive and silicone band gap sensing. Used on military aircraft, commercial flights and in space rockets, this lightweight, robust sensor is designed to give accurate measurements under pressure and in a vacuum.

The SV-HAT sensor is small enough to be integrated into most aerospace equipment where both temperature and humidity monitoring is required.

We offer the sensor with analogue outputs. It has low time drift characteristics so should not require the user to perform a calibration adjustment.

Did you know that versions of our SV-HAT sensor have been used on space rockets?

  • Measures temperature & humidity simultaneously
  • 1-5 V analogue output of each measured parameter
  • Robust & lightweight
  • Tried and tested by the military
  • No other gases affect the reading
  • Works under pressure or in a vacuum
  • No calibration adjustment required

The SV-HAT is used in applications such as:

  • Space
  • Aerospace


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