Companies across the globe are governed by legislation. 

Gas safety regulations are guided by legislation too, do you know what legislation you need to adhere to? 

Analox always considers legislation and legal requirements when designing our products.

Below, we provide details on current legislation, links to websites along with which Analox analyzers will help you to achieve the gas detection element.

We expect this list to continue to grow and we need your help to do this. If you have a specific gas detection legislation that you need to meet then please contact us to discuss this further.

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Legislation More information and link to Legislation Product
IFC 2018

Section 5307 Compressed Gases Not Otherwise Regulated 

Chapter 50 Hazardous Materials – General Provisions 



NBIC 2017 2017 NBIC Part 1 Supplement 3 for Installations and 
2017 NBIC Part 2 Supplement 12 for Inspections
NFPA 55 (2020) NFPA 55: Compressed gases and cryogenic fluids code Ax60+

Analox analyzers, helping you to achieve compliance.