So, what makes Analox a great place to work?

Could it be the diverse markets that we operate in? 

We send sensors into space, keep an eye on belching bovines and ensure submariners are safe hundreds of meters below the sea!

Or maybe it’s the people?

Without the hard work and determination made by everyone within the Analox Team, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Where you fit in..

For Analox to continue to be the best we need the right team. We want everyone at Analox to excel and thrive in their chosen career, if you’re doing well, Analox is doing well.  

If you decide to join our team, you’d be expected to:

  • Play as part of one Analox team 
  • Live and breathe the Analox values and uphold others to do so too
  • Ensure you are clear with how you contribute to Analox’s future 

And most importantly -

  • A desire to want to do it better every time!

If you’re interested, take a look at our Careers page

Still not sure if Analox is right for you? Take a look at our perks!

Health & Wellbeing Benefits

Company sick pay

We will support you when you’re ill, and offer you appropriate help during your illness and when you return to work.

Cycle to work

Our Cycle to Work scheme could be just what you need if you’d like a new bike to get fit, have a greener journey to work, or save money on your commute.

Healthcare scheme

For new employees we provide cover under our Sovereign Health Cash Plan, which is designed to pay out for everyday health care costs such as dental treatment, eye tests, glasses, contact lenses, physiotherapy, chiropody and even preventive measures such as health screening

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

If you need quick access to face to face or telephone counselling, you can use this service in complete confidence. The EAP is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, where you can speak to trained professionals. Family members living at your address can also use this service.

GP24 service

If you need quick access the GP 24 hour service is accessible via telephone and webcam consultations with a UK GP at a time convenient to you, where you are in the world

The Health & Wellbeing Hub

An insightful and useful resource for physical, mental and social wellbeing content

Flu vaccinations
We provide vouchers that can be exchanged at your local Boots pharmacy for a free flu vaccination.

Boost breakfast and fresh fruit for office based employees.

Lifestyle Benefits

Annual leave

Your annual leave entitlement, and how this increases over time, is outlined in your contract of employment. If you work part-time, your annual leave, Bank Holidays and Christmas leave will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Birthday leave

We want you to take some time for you on your birthday, so we will give you the day off.

Leave for parents

We offer a number of leave options so parents can take time off work to look after a child, including:

  • Enhanced Maternity and adoption leave
  • Shared parental leave
  • Enhanced Paternity leave
  • Parental leave

Professional memberships and subscriptions

We recognise that our people need the right tools to do their job. So, if you need membership of a professional body or institution in your role, or it will provide benefit to us as a company, we can refund you for one professional membership per year.

Sovereign Perks

Discounts and cashback offers
Sovereign perks is a one stop shop for 1000s of discounts and vouchers, discounted shopping and more from all your favourite retailers. This is where you’ll find:

  • Holiday discounts
  • Holiday insurance
  • Holiday additions
  • Discounted cinema tickets
  • Ad hoc shopping vouchers
  • Discounted/cash back shopping

Shopping vouchers and reloadable cards

Make your money go further with a large range of monthly deducted discounts from high street retailers and supermarkets. Discounts vary from retailer to retailer.

Financial Benefits

Company pension scheme

We automatically enrol all new employees into our pension scheme. You can make contributions of up to 5% of your salary each month. This works out to be only around 4% of your take-home pay as you get tax relief from the government every time you contribute, if you’re eligible. We will also make a contribution of up to 3%.

Life assurance

We provide a life assurance scheme for you. This pays three times your annual salary to your nominated recipient in the event of your death in service.

If you’d like more information please get in touch with our HR team.

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Want to know what the people who work for us think? 

Lewis Gorford - Senior Electronics Engineer, employed by Analox since September 2013

I have worked in the Analox R&D team for over 7 years and I still enjoy my job. The people I work with are talented in their respective fields and usually have a funny or interesting story to tell.
Every project I have worked on has had different challenges, users, applications, operating environments and compliance, keeping me on my toes. I personally like the variety of products and systems Analox offers to so many different industries, always with the sole purpose of keeping people safe.
Designing products or systems for use around the world has given me the occasional opportunity to travel (UK, Poland, Germany & Japan). Meeting the end users and getting an appreciation of the requirements has been excellent and usually leads to a happy customer.
My commute is long (1 hour each way), which is the only downside for me, however car sharing has made this acceptable both financially and socially.
Overall a great place to work.

Nathan Stevenson - System Architect, employed by Analox since June 2014

I started at Analox after relocating to the area in June 2014. I enjoy the openness between management and all the employees and the fact that everyone is very friendly. I especially feel welcomed and valued within my personal department (R&D).

Analox has supported my personal plans of getting married, allowing me to leave for appointments and other time critical events. I know that Analox values my knowledge and skills and cares about making me a better engineer.

Mark Hawkins - Senior Test Operative, employed by Analox since April 2018

I have worked at Analox for 2 years. When I first started, I was very apprehensive as this is an industry that I have never worked in before. However, from the start, Analox has supported me through my training requirements and I feel I have already made a step towards my preferred career due to being moved from the production department to test. Until now, I have never worked for a company that not only supports your career path, but gives you plenty of other benefits such as getting your birthday off - a personal favourite. I would like to thank Analox for having me and I look forward to staying at Analox for the foreseeable future.

Becca Dodds - Group Business Development Manager, employed by Analox since December 2012

I relocated back to my hometown, Middlesbrough after working in Richmond for six years. I was looking for a challenging role that gave me the opportunity for global travel, I have definitely found that with Analox. My job is exciting, challenging and diverse, my career highlights to date has to be, presenting our technology to a very well known US space company and excavating part of the Tokyo sewerage system at a pneumatic caisson site. (I told you it was diverse) 

I have progressed through the organization in numerous roles, from Sales Executive to now being part of the Senior Leadership team, heading up the business development and marketing functions. Analox really invests in the people and has offered me many opportunities for progression and professional development.

Analox is a very flexible company and allows you to work autonomously and there is a real family bond throughout the company. I can honestly say I love my job and I can’t imagine my future anywhere else now. 

Roberta Sewell - Management Accountant, employed by Analox since July 2012

With no experience or knowledge of Accountancy, Analox saw my passion and helped me turn my dream into a reality. Analox has put me through any training that has required me and my career to grow, from professional courses at college to in-house training sessions, they always have time for me. Analox is more than a company, it's a team.

Paul Oliver - Document Manager Team Lead, employed by Analox since January 1998

Starting as a Production Technician with Analox back in January 1998, I did assembly and testing of IR sensors and finished instruments. After 11 months I was offered the role of Stores Supervisor. During my time in that role I also started producing manufacturing drawings using AutoCAD. 

I started my current role in May 2007 as part of the R&D department creating assembly and test procedures and CAD manufacturing drawings for which Analox have supported me with in-house and external training such as Solidworks, a 3D design package.  Analox is a close-knit team of people, with a relaxed but professional workplace.

Julie Cole - HR Manager, employed by Analox since February 1996

It’s a great place to work and the people here are like family. I have been here for a lot of years and so have some of the other staff so I have built some worthwhile friendships.

Since I started in 1996 I have seen the company grow and become a fantastic workplace. I have been fortunate with the support I have received, especially from my former manager when I was working in both the Operations and HR department as they helped me transition into my HR role full time, which was a great opportunity and I really enjoy doing it. I’m part of the furniture now, so I don’t intend on leaving anytime soon.

Julie Brady -  Production Operative, employed by Analox since August 1985

Starting as Office Junior with Analox back in August 1985 (then known as Scottish Anglo Environmental Protection Ltd) I looked after all the administration. After returning from maternity leave in 1993 I decided to make a move into the production area, which I continue to work in 27 years later as a Production Operative. 

I have learnt and gained many skills throughout my time at Analox having received lots of training. All members of staff and management are helpful and friendly and we all work as one team and that’s the Analox team.

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